Please read this thoroughly before contacting me.

Voices of the Dead's sound is unique, something along the lines of tribal/industrial/black/death/horror metal with an intense horror stage show. The newer CD I'm working on is more along the lines of technical/orchestral death/black metal. It is a lot heavier, faster, and more technical than my "Death Rebirth" album.

I do special fx makeup on the band and the two girls that dance with us to make us all look dead as we spray blood, eviscerate corpses and just generally go ape shit. If your neck doesn't hurt after a Voices of the Dead show you ain't doing it right.

I need a really talented drummer. The music I have written is fairly hard to play and the new material I'm working on is even harder. You need to be able to play incredibly technical and fast metal, but also interested in playing music that is a little less technical.

I have a 6 week tour ready to be booked as soon as we find our new drummer and we will be touring nationally starting this winter. Around late October/Early November we will be heading to the Southern and Western states in the US and will not return until the snow melts in the north. Once that happens we can return to the north and play local shows or continute touring depending on what we have planned. This is a FULL TIME commitment. You will be living on the bus with us most of the year.

This is not a paying gig at the moment but most likely will be in the near future. We are basically just starting to break even on tours which means you don't need to invest anything into touring. We should be able to cover our own expenses and not need to worry about external income to survive.

We travel in a huge 40 foot school bus that has been converted into an off the grid rv with a couple bunks, a futon, solar panels, a woodstove, two burner propane stove top, sink with running water and all the nintendo, super nintendo and sega genesis you can handle. We are currently adding an outdoor heated shower and a satellite dish for internet/wifi as well as equipping the bus to run on biodiesel which means we can visit restaurants along the way and take their used vegetable oil for free fuel.

The way we will be touring will be to play shows on the weekend and then during the week we will be either travelling, promoting in the next area we are playing, exploring ghost towns/abandoned buildings/cemeteries/paranormal hot spots or just hanging out/camping in as many gorgeous nature spots around the country as we can find. There are a lot, trust me on that.

I write all of the instruments/vocals/lyrics, do all the recording/mixing, video directing/editing, artwork, booking and management. This is not a collaborative project. I made the choice years ago to do everything myself so that way the style of the band stays consistent no matter how many people come and go. I am just looking for someone to play my material but I would like you to become an integral member of the band whether short term or long term. A permanent member would be preferred.

Since 2008 I've been regularly travelling up and down the east coast and midwest. I've played just about every state east of the Mississippi as well as Toronto a couple times. I have found all kinds of awesome spots to stay and explore along the way and there's always more to discover as you travel. My gf missy, our bus kitty and I would love to have you along for these adventures as we'd basically be living in the bus full time. I'm willing to travel just about anywhere to rehearse. I'm currently in East Bridgewater, MA but anywhere is an option, I travel a lot. Message me or text me and we can figure out the details.