Here are some drum videos for your viewing pleasure. Im teaching guitar and drum lessons for cheap. Ive been playing drums for over 13 years, and guitar for about 8. I can teach beginner to advanced drums, and beginner to intermediate guitar. This first video is me just fucking around, not necessarily my best playing, basically just recorded this for practice for the guitar center drum off im entering soon. I hadnt played in front of people in a while. Im hitting some good sativa in the beginning with my Vapor Genie. Fuckin get one and save money on weed!
This video also illustrates the quality of recording I get on the drums. The sound is unmastered and rougly mixed. Ill be recording bands for a small fee once I complete my own cd and video, in addition to making music videos. Email me if interested in recording, music lessons, or if youd like to make a video.

This next video was shot during the August 23rd earthquake. At about 1:11 a red energy engulfs the frame, not sure what it was, there arent any red lights where i shot it. Towards the end I remembered what it was like to headbang.