Monday, December 5th 2011
7:36 PM
Progress, and lots of it

So a few fairly huge things have happened with the band. For one, I just shot our 2nd music video! I need to re-shoot some things for the first music video, and then I still have to edit both of them. Keep an eye out for them, I'll be releasing them around the time I release the CD which will be released sometime in 2012.
Speaking of the recording, I guess all it took to nail the drum tracks was for autumns air to make its way into the basement, and a trip to Vermont. The drum tracks are officially DONE. Unlike most bands these days, I will NOT be replacing any hits with digital samples, it will be 100% all natural live drums. I will be doing very little editing of the tracks also, which is fairly significant considering I recorded the whole fuckin CD in one take. Not one take on each song, the whole cd in one take. Granted I need to edit some parts where I lost my place or the computer skipped, but id say about 95% of the CD is just unadulterated live tracks. Most of the guitar tracks are done also, but I had to retube my amp and get it fixed, so for the sake of consistency I might be recording all the guitar tracks over. Once the drum tracks are edited and I get my amp back this should go fairly quickly. My guitar playing is light years ahead of anything Ive done on the guitar before, and it usually doesnt take long for guitar takes anyway. The first set of tracks took me 2 days to do. Then I just gotta throw down some bass and vocals, maybe some new key parts and the recording will be fuckin done!

Tuesday, June 7th 2011
10:25 PM
Shit son

Its been quite a while since I last updated, much has been going on. For one, Im about 95% back up on my drumming, and Im almost ready to start nailing tracks. I got a new iron cobra speed demon double bass pedal, WHAT A FUCKIN DIFFERENCE. Holy shit i didnt realize that for months and months I was playing with a disgrace of kick pedal. I was hitting twice as hard with my left foot to get a still quieter hit than the right. Luckily im all consistant with this fully function speed demon pedal. Ive also been doing regular tarot readings, and working a SHITLOAD to save money to fund my tribal village im gonna build out in the woods of vermont.
Im also going to be trying out some potential musicians for various roles in the band.
Music videos will be coming shortly thereafter.
More occult artices,
Keep it tuned to the voices of the dead. The voices will be heard less seldom as time passes.

Tuesday, April 19th 2011
8:13 PM
Making Progress

So for the last few weeks, with what little free time I've had, I've been listening to all the guitar tracks recorded to find the best takes. I've also been fixing the tracks that my computer pushed out of time because it likes to fuck with me. The fucker will make it like 1/10 of a second off too, so I'll be listening to it like "ah fuck this is awful." Then I'll realize that the entire song is off, so I nudge it over a tiny bit and its perfect. Fuck you computer, fuck you in the goat ass.
I've also been practicing/rewriting drums. I got all the drums down, so of course I had to start writing even more new drums that were way too hard. I can't seem to have fun playing drums unless I'm constantly challenging myself. Otherwise it gets lame.
I plan to start recording the drums very soon, I don't imagine it will take too long once I get started. Drums are harder than guitar though so they tend to take a little bit longer. Or maybe Ill just nail them all on the first take. Yeah, that sounds like a better plan. Let's go with that.
Here's some visual stimulation from our good friends at

Thursday, March 31st 2011
10:37 AM
Drum video

So, I was going to post a video of me playing some drums but I'm having trouble getting the video format into something I can post. I think I need a camera that wasnt built in the stoneage. Ill upload it as soon as i can figure out how!

Tuesday, March 29th 2011
8:45 PM
Christ. Busy.

Music:"Black No. 1" Type O Negative
Christ, I've been even busier lately. I have to pick up a shitload more hours at work because a kid I worked with got arrested AT WORK for selling drugs AT WORK. Genius. Interestingly enough, 6 weeks ago I did a reading for him and warned him that jail time was possible within the next month or two. I also knew he got ratted on before anyone else because I saw him being stabbed in the back in his cards. Just found out today he was set up.
Needless to say, I have been doing a shitload of readings lately as people are hearing about this, and I'm loving it haha. If you would like one, just email me at with your name and question. I do them for free, but donations are always welcome.
I'm trying to practice drums when I can, my free time lately is real fucking sparse. I'll still be getting them done sometime in the near future though. I just gotta beat the shit out of the drums harder to make up for how much less time I get to play them.

Tuesday, March 22nd 2011
9:38 PM
Up next, drums.

I'm going to be recording the drums soon. Unlike all the big metal bands releasing shit these days, Im going to be using LIVE NATURAL drums, none of that triggering or replacing hits with digital samples. So I'm pushing myself to new extremes to deliver intense drumming!

Sunday, March 20th 2011
3:16 PM
Pics from recording 3-16, rhythm guitar tracks

So baked even my pupils are red. Recording "Immaculate Conception". A song yet to be released but if you caught any of our tours or gigs over the last 2 -3 years you most likely heard it.

Cultivating feedback.

Recording is very serious. All serious. All business.

Saturday, March 19th 2011
11:19 AM
Busy busy

Still havent't gotten a chance to upload the pics from the last day of guitar recording. I've been busy with the mundane aspects of life, and also with doing some tarot readings. Tonight is the Super moon! The moon is going to be closer to the earth than it has been in 18 years, so this will be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year! I'll be celebrating with some family, and most likely doing some tarot readings, and of course smoking the ganja. If you would like me to do a tarot reading for you just email your name and question to They can be done over the internet and I've had much success with doing so, but doing them in person always is better.
Anyway, this coming week I'll be getting ready to track the drums. I gotta get some replacement parts and find the best sound, and once thats accomplished I'll be on to the recording. Of course, keep checking back here for all the latest updates on the recording process, and the band in general!

Wednesday, March 16th 2011
8:34 PM
All guitar tracks are done!!

Guitar tracks are done!! It only took 8 hours for me to finish all the lead and rhythm tracks. I got most of them on the first or second take! Stark contrast to previous attempts to finish this cd lol. The sound that I somehow managed to achieve is fucking killer too. The tone is fuckin brutal.
I dont have any pics to post, I'm not at my house tonight, but I'll put up a couple of pics from todays recording tomorrow night.

Tuesday, March 15th 2011
8:57 PM
March 15th - Day 2, Rhythm guitar tone and tracking

Much of today was spent getting the perfect rhythm guitar tone to compliment the lead. I got that shit down, and then recorded about half of the rhythm tracks for the Cd.

My biggest influence you ask? Well, I am inhaling it here, in this pic.


There's an asymmetrical orb in the bottom right corner of the pic, on my jacket. I don't see many of those. The spirits frequent the puff sessions in the basment.

Rocking out, looking a little chinese eyes. I think I was playing "Body Farm".

Ok now I'm reeeally feeEling it. The music, and the marijuaaaahna.

Ok now I'm reeeally feeEling it. The music, and the marijuaaaahna.

Monday, March 14th 2011
8:42 PM
March 14th - Recording day 1, lead guitar tracks done.

Hot damn, I manged to get all the lead guitar tracks done for the album in the first day. No pictures from recording today. I didn't expect to finish the whole albums worth in 5 hours, I thought it would have  taken at least few days. Oops. Instead, here's some pics of the dungeon I'm recording in. Click the pictures to see the full size versions.

What studio desk is complete without a severed head and several dead babies?