2011: The beginning of a 5 year hiatus, rewriting and rebirth of a new path

In 2008 after extensive gigging and touring just about every state east of the Mississippi as well as Toronto, ON, the band went into seclusion to record the debut full length. After 2 years of all the wrong vibes, a change was necessary. The live line up was purged, back down to only me, Scot "The Voice of Death," the sole original member/creator/writer of all that is Voices of the Dead. A journey through self actualization. I experienced spiritual death, purging all negativity/everyone from my life including all recordings. A year and a half later saw my rebirth. 2011 saw a return to work with the 2nd attempt to record the debut full length album as well as filming for our first single "Witches of Salem."

2012: Recording, lots of recording

The occassional gig, lots of recording. The revolving door of live musicians contains to turn.

2013: The homeless Consciousness Expansion Mountain Wilderness Journey

A few more gigs, a few more lineups. More set backs. Right as the album was nearing completion I was homeless. Living in national forests across the country with my cat and girlfriend at the time in a tent, then a van, then a mobile tiny trailer, it became difficult to work on the album. Eventually I got solar power and resumed work in the wilderness of the mountains.

2014: Still off the grid and Homeless

2015: Homeless til the very end of the year, and the return of Voices of the Dead touring! This is the year the Bus of the Dead came into action

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