So what's this blog all about? I started it a few years ago to document the recording of my full length debut album for my solo project Voices of the Dead. Voices of the Dead is a band with elements of death/tribal/industrial/black/horror/psychedelia/ and experimental metal. We also do tribal drum/exotic instrument meditation tracks and other weird experimental stuff. At this point the blog serves that purpose in addition to detailing the day to day adventures I live. At the moment my girlfriend and our 2 cats live in a utility trailer we tow behind our van travelling around off the grid. You can expect stories of urban boon docking, wilderness survival, nature photography and video, weird stories about the crazy shit and interesting people we come across etc. Chock full of stoner moments, tarot reading, drum circles, cat adventures, witchcraft, consciousness expansion and more. You'll also find articles on consciousness expansion and self help in all areas. I'm interested in helping everyone be healthy, happy, successful and enlightened through my music, art, articles, tarot readings, energy healings and spiritual consultations. What the fuck are you waiting for? Scroll down and see for yourself!
-Scot(The Voice of Death)

November 24th, 2015:

The 2015 winter solstice marks the one year anniversary of the release of "Death. Rebirth." To mark the occasion remastered tracks of the entire album will be free via download.

August 28, 2015:

Voices of the Dead has been a one man project with a revolving door of live musicians since it's inception in 2006. I'm currently recruiting drummers from all over the country to participate in the live aspect of this band. It's been hard to find a drummer that can tour nationally so instead I'm going to get local drummers from every state to play shows with them in their area and I will tour that way. If you'd like to set up an audition email I'll be travelling the country all winter meeting up with all interested drummers and then live gigs will happen in 2016. I already have about 6 or 7 states covered but the more the better!

November 19th, 2015:

Still writing songs like crazy. This week I composed a song in a manner in which I had never done before. I wrote The whole song on keyboard on a piano setting before I even attempted drums or guitar. Now that I have a solid program compose orchestral arrangements that sound realistic I've been doing more of that but this is the first one to feature an acoustic piano. can't wait to share with everyone!

November 9th, 2015:

It's amazing how far recording technology has come in the second decade of the 2000s. New comers to the music/recording world will have no idea the struggles of recording on a low budget in the 90's and early 2000s. You literally don't even need any knowledge or skill with recording to record and master studio quality tracks now. Shit, my current recording set up lets my audio sound like a fully mastered track AS I'm recording it. Death rebirth took me 7 years to record(for this and many other reasons), and the songs for the followup are recorded, mixed and mastered as I write them. Its about half done.
Everything on death rebirth was recorded with real instruments via microphones, minus the bass which was recorded direct. I wouldn't hear my songs sounding even remotely good until I got hallway through the mixing of the songs. To record the live drums and guitar through my half stack, my only monitoring option was to crank everything as loud as I could(causing distortion) through ear buds with noise isolating heaphones OVER the ear buds. It sounded like muffled garbage.
It is indescribably easier to write good songs and record them flawlessly these days I hope everyone appreciates that. I'm just thankful I learned how to record before the digital age fully took over.

October 20th, 2015:

You may have noticed I haven't posted anything here in almost 2 weeks. You may have also noticed that is incredibly out of character for me. I started working for lyft a few weeks ago. I fucking love the company and my job, check them out.
I've been working almost literally non stop to save money and get an apartment so voices of the dead can finally have a solid base of operations and have some money to invest in bigger and better things. Ill be living in Boston with missy(if you dont already know she is the lovely lady you see accompanying us in many pictures and videos of our shows and adventures)
I haven't had time to even touch a guitar in weeks but there is still new stuff to report.
We'll be working with a new bassist, a couple new dancing zombie ladies, new songs, and a couple new music videos are in the works.

September 25th, 2015:

If you haven't already noticed, I've put out two brand new songs that will be part of a 3 or 4 song EP I will be releasing soon. The songs will be part of our 2nd full length album which will probably be released this coming summer to mark the 9 year anniversary of when I first unleashed Voices of the Dead's music to the world on 6/06/06 haha.
Funny the least satanic band possible debuted on the most satanic day in our history.

September 21st, 2015:

For anyone who knows me personally, and maybe the rest of you as well, you may have noticed I've had a rough time in life lately. It's been several years now since I dropped out of the whole working a normal job thing to pursue this band as my sole source of survival. I lived in a tent, then a van, then a school bus for most of it.

While it was amazing in a lot of ways, it opened myself to the need to rely on others who weren't people I should have even been around, nevermind leaning on. I'm thankful for my good friends, my supportive fans(especially those of you that have been around for the 9 years since I first shared my music online), but more importantly I'm thankful for the ability to fully express everything I've learned and experienced in the last 9 years into the new songs.

12 years of playing guitar/vocals/mixing/recording, 18 years on drums, 15 years of meditation, 7 years of yoga and vegetarianism(2 vegan) and a lifetime of bettering myself and expanding my consciousness have brought me to a place where I can express that expanded consciousness, my wisdom, insight, skills, and shamanism so efficiently through my music that it moves my soul even in the darkest times. I can FEEL the energy being conjured with every riff, drum beat or orchestral line. I can feel it the way a shaman dances while chanting and beating on drums to help access higher channels of consciousness to reach spiritual dimensions to bring healing to their tribe. You are all my tribe. If you are reading this, I am healing you.

My music comes from a place of positive optimism in an objective and compassionate light. Whether you are coming from there, or the total opposite perspective of anger and cynicism, I invite you to my world.

Studies recently have shown that when you listen to heavy music when angry, it helps relieve those negative emotions to leave you feeling happier and more powerful.

Screaming has been shown to provide numerous health benefits particularly to males.
Scream with me. Headbang with me. Heal with me

August 3rd, 2015:

The last 24 hours; holy shit. Me and Joe left Boston for Vermont, missy was working so she was meeting us up there after. There is no cell phone reception for like a 40 mile radius up there so when she was an hour and a half late, I left our spot to go search for her. She walked up to the bus right as we were departing, the poor thing got her car stuck in the muddy dirt road 5 miles down and walked all the way to us as the sun was setting. She wasn't even upset, she handled it like a pro, I'm amazed and proud of her for keeping calm in situations most people would lose it in. So we drove into town to get reception to call a tow truck. Before getting into town, we pull up on an accident right after it happened. It was pretty bad, pretty sure people were dead. We were stuck there quite a while(I doubt missy had any complaints about being stuck there ;) )

We get into town, have the cops call us a tow truck. We get back to the car, wait for a few hours, they never show up. We go back down to our campsite and spend the night.

Next morning Joe lets me know he doesn't want the fact that he refuses to play our songs the way they are written get in the way of our friendship and wants to go home. I told him literally 100 times before I drove 2000 miles to get him that the songs are written and released already and therefore need to be played as written. He agreed, that is until I drove 2000 miles, raised and blew $1000 to get there, and had to deal with literally 120+ heat in the bus for 10 days straight. Not only does the bus have no AC, it actually has multiple heaters that pump out heat even when they are off. The only places I could park had no shade, so yeah, brutal doesn't even begin to describe it. I couldn't even think straight. Pretty sure I had heat stroke the whole time. He also told me he had money and food to take care of himself which was also a lie so he was eating my food spending my money that I don't really have, and smoking my weed. Found out later he had weed and just was smoking mine instead. He also could have told me the day before when we were in boston that he wanted to go home so I didn't have to drive 3 hours to Vermont to then drive 3 hours right back to boston the next day.

So anyway we go into town and call another tow truck. We catch them as they are about to leave and at this point a heater in the bus fell over and coolant is spraying everywhere. We get it to a repair shop, they cant fix it that day, they were about to close. So we had to pack all of joes stuff and drums into missys tiny Mitsubishi eclipse and I basically had to leave most of my shit on the bus. We couldnt even see each other through all the shit in that car. I'm back in the boston area, dropped joe at south station and uh yeah, looking for a new drummer. Voices of the dead might have to be a studio project for a while because its apparently incredibly hard to find musicians that are talented, responsible, dedicated caring people. This is my passion, but I'm in no rush at this point. I know now I can support myself travelling around the country with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and my vocal chords, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. Me and missy are heading south in October to travel the south and the west until the spring hits the north. I really hope we find the right drummer along the way so we can continue touring as Voices of the Dead. It will happen, but it's gonna take a lot to prove you are worthy of joining us on our bus.

August 2, 2015:

So we are back in Boston. Over the last few days we had a multi drummer jam at the guitar center in Virginia if I remember correctly, we hung out in Atlantic city where I played a solo show which was pretty cool. Caught a black metal show at o'briens in allston which is a great venue. Heading back to Vermont tomorrow for some more rehearsals with joe. We are ready to gig so send more show offers our way, we have a couple in the works. I'm booking September and October for New England, then we're touring to the southeast in mid October.

July 31

2 days ago we hung out in north Carolina with our friends from rapheumets well and had a blast. I could listen to them jam all night. Awesome dudes and awesome tunes. They let me and Joe jam out on our tunes. It was the first time we actually jammed together and Joe got through most of the set already. So yeah, We're ready for gigs already haha. I've been doing solo acoustic jams just about every day for the trip. Right now we are in Maryland resting for the night. Tomorrow I have a solo acoustic show in Atlantic city and then Saturday we will be back in Boston catching a show at obriens in Allston with Joe and my amazing gf missy who I miss terribly! Come hang out before we retreat to the mountains!

July 23

Tonight is the night! I'm heading to Georgia to pick up our new drummer joe. Packing the bus took way longer than expected(as usual so I should learn to expect that but I guess it takes a lot to pack your whole life into a vehicle), super thankful i got to spend a night in the bus in the Vermont mountains with Missy doing yoga, playing Earthworm jim and picking berries and fruits before heading out! Already have plans to hang out with destiny of Decapitated Media as well as Rapheumet's Well on the way back and super stoked to see all you guys, and lady grin emoticon If you haven't already checked them both out. If you want to hang with us on our road trip back north or when we get into the north let me know!

July 27

I made it safely to Georgia, playing at rest stops for tips along the way. I must say, after a few days of busking, I fuckin love it. I have often been cast as the villain regardless of whether or not it were true. I've horrified and shocked (and loved every minute of it) but now I'm almost universally praised for busking. I've made some cash, New friends, a bottle of water, a package of cheezits and a snickers. I never got why basic songs on a acoustic with clean vocals and hardly any effort was more profitable than a heavy band that spends hours a day for a lifetime perfecting their craft, spending enough money on instruments and gas to buy a house, lifting hundreds of pounds of gear into and out of vehicles and pouring their heart and soul into the project. The people have spoken. If playing the songs I made up as a kid helps support my passion in voices of the dead, then so be it. I'll be that dick with an acoustic guitar singing kumbaya (not literally but you know) instead of that dick stuck in the system working for the man.

July 18

For the first time ever I'm going to miss the Boston(and especially Salem) area when I leave. I've been involved in the boston local music scene for almost 20 years now and I've never seen it in as good of shape as it is today. I always knew Boston as a place of assholes and douchebags playing shitty music, with the exception of a few bands here and there. To the stark contrast I feel like lately I'm inundated with awesome friends and fans from the area as well as an explosion of a shitload of fucking amazing bands. For years I could hardly find the desire to go to local shows and it seemed everyone else was in the same boat. I, along with many others have had quite the change in heart and for once I'm proud to be from the area. I'm going to squeeze in as many local metal shows as I can before I leave for the winter. I'll be importing our new touring drummer from GA and we will be back around August 1st. Help me show him what the fuck is up in Boston.

July 11th, 2015: Preparing for a roadtrip to our new touring drummer

That's fuckin correct. After our show July 18th in Lewiston, ME I'll be heading south to Georgia to pick up our new touring drummer joe. The trip is being funded through live shows, busking and veggie oil. That's right veggie oil. Starting on this trip the Bus of the Dead will be running at least patially on waste vegetable oil. If you have any, or know where we can get some be sure to contact us. Any financial donations will be greatly appreciated as well. Click here to donate securely through paypal using your paypal account or a debit/credit card.

June 29th: Raised money for two seperate charities in the last week.

We played on June 20th in Worcester to Support the "Stop the bleeding homeless charity." The show raised $ all of which goes right to local worcester homeless shelters.
June 27th we played in Revere, MA to raise money for MassCann to help legalize recereational marijuana in MA for 2016.

April 25th, 2015: NYC. Last day of our Death Rebirth Tour

Last tour stop was at gussy's in Astoria. Driving a 40 foot school bus through New York City was a lot easier than I expected. They fucking raped us on tolls though, sweet titty fucking jesus! Something went wrong with the gas mileage and gas gauge and we ran out of gas right in the sketchiest part of Newark. Luckily we ended up around the corner from a diesel station, got some, primed the engine and got the fuck out of there. We got to Gussy's and they fucking loved us! Ozzie and Gussy are both awesome dudes and we met a lot of new friends/fans. Great fucking night, can't wait to come back!

April 24th, 2015: PA rest stop, 2 am delirium

Had an off day today. Lots of travelling as usual. We ended up back in Pennsylvania which is incredibly country if ya'll aint aware. Me and my lovely lady missy were inside the truckstop we were parked at for the night and apparently were completely delirious from all the travelling and lack of sleep. I think we laughed hysterically fairly consistantly for 2 hours at like 2 in the morning. If only we could get the video footage of us in that store, it was probably highly entertaining. There is one short clip of me doing my best to sing the country song playing in the store. Check out our tour documentary for that :)

April 23rd: Statesville, NC

Every night on tour was a fucking blast but this one was another favorite for all of us. The fiesta rodeo is an awesome venue and pedro was a great promoter and very hospitable. We had Bailey dancing with us for this gig. Tonight was a night we got to share the stage with another new favorite band of ours. Rapheumets Well is a fucking amazing band and great bunch of dudes, it was a pleasure sharing the stage with them, we will absolutely be back to this venue and will definitely be playing with them again! The after show shennanigans went well too. The fiesta rodeo is part of the same building as a strip club. We headed over next door and recruited some strippers for our next tour and had a fucking blast. I dont think they get many zombie death metal bands in there. They loved us.

April 22nd: Spartansburg, SC

Tonight we shared the staged with Daywrecker and had a good time hanging out, playing some hacky sack and shooting the shit. We had Katie for our local zombie dancer for the night. Honestly the staff was less than hospitable for some strange reason. We'd love to come back and play for the fans we have in the area but we might need a different venue.

April 21st: Atlanta

This was by far the best show all around. We played the Masquerade which is an amazing and historical venue. It was really cool seeing all the bands we've grown up loving had played there. Unfortunately this place is being shot down because they built condos nearby and there is a noise ordinance or something to shut it down. I really feel like a petition or something should be started. The place was packed with an awesome crowd of supportive death metal heads. Every band that played this night was fucking killer. Our new brothers in Awaken the Ancient were beyond gracious. They got us on the gig, rocked the fuck out with us, and then we partied with ryan at his practice space for the night. The practice spot is apparently owned by the drummer of lynyrd skynrd and some of the guys in the black crowes. Had a great time hunging out and then missy and I spent the night in the bus in the parking lot as the rest of the guys got a hotel room right next to turner stadium, home of the 1996 olympics.

April 20th

Attempted to roll a cross joint for 420 and forgot about it for 2 days. There was an intense storm out ahead of us in the direction we were travelling. It was so dark it hid the mountains off in the distance. We headed right for it and essentially travelled at a 90 degree angle around two adjacent sides of the storm, we hardly even felt a drop of rain as we watched the lighting off to our left.

April 19th

Morning at the rest stop. After getting up and eating some breakfast, we grabbed some of our acoustic instruments and set up outside to do some busking. I dont know about the other guys but this was my first attempt and it was pretty succesful. We got to add some gas to the bus of the dead gas fund. An old asian couple that were clearly tourists loved when I started singing lyrics specific to our situation and adressing them so much so that the husband made his wife dish out like $15 bucks for us and then asked to take a picture with us!
From here we headed out to Centralia, which is a nearly abandoned mining town. Its' population has dwindled from over 1,000 residents in 1981 to 7 in 2013 as a result of the Centralia coal mine fire that has been burning beneath the town since 1962. The town is probably the main inspiration for the Silent Hill movie. Almost as soon as we showed up, the sirens started to sound. Most of the buildings and residents are gone. The highlight of the town is the old section of the road which is sectioned off from the current road because it is falling apart. Parts of it are heaving up and down, there are huge cracks in it and it's covered in spray paint.
Since we had an off day we decided to grab our solar setup and do some jamming right in silent hill. We have a 100 watt solar panel that charges deep cycle marine batteries in the bus. We took the battery with our inverter, our guitars, studio monitors and electric drum kit to jam right on that road. Check out our tour documentary for footage.

April 18th:

Getting everyone together and all of our stuff onto the bus. We picked up the bus and drove it over to where we practice to pick up the guys in the band and transfer all our gear from our personal vehicles. The second we pulled up to the house, we pulled the bus off to the side of the road as it started tipping over and sinking on one side into about 3 feet of mud. It was stuck at a 45 degree angle between the road and the mud on the side of the road, so much so that one of the back tires wasn't even on the ground. Luckily we got the bus unstuck and proceeded to pack up. We ened up getting quite a late start and headed to Vermont to pick up our roadie Matt and start heading south. We made it to New York and spent a night at the rest stop.

April 17th: New Bedford, MA

New bedford, played at dublins in New Bedford for the second time this year. We were still local at this point so we all went to our individual homes and got ready to leave in the bus together the next day.

April 16th: Revere, MA. First date of our Death Rebirth Tour!

First tour date in revere, we played a battle of the bands and took first place. Not a bad start to the tour. Got to share the stage with a dude thats been a fan of the band since he was a kid. As always, had a blast.

April 9th, 2015:
Fuck the system

It never ceases to amaze me how much "the system," society, "the man" or whatever you want to call it, fights against someone who has no interest in participating. Saying fuck all that, giving up working "normal" jobs, not having money, or a place to live in search of self sufficiency is easily the hardest thing I've ever done. I've had my fair share of hardship throughout life but nothing comes close to this experience over the last few years. I've been talked down upon by peers, I've been betrayed and kicked out into the street in the middle of winter by people that consider themselves friends, I've been repeatedly harassed by cops and the list goes on. Maybe upon reading this it would seem as if I'm a trouble maker or a shitty person or something. I go out of my way to be nice to literally everyone, and help anyone I can. Even people that are shitty to me, I don't give it back. I'll cut them out of my life and that will be the end of it. All you will get from me is respect, love, and compassion. It's growing very hard to remain that way.
I watch my gf get out of enough citations that if they were written would mean her license would be suspended...but me..the dude with the long dreads driving the shitty rape van...I got a ticket today for not having my physical registration on me after getting pulled over for not having the current registration sticker on my van. Why don't I have these things? The only mailing address I've been able to use for the last few years is a homeless shelter that is 3 hours away from where I ended up staying. The van is registered and legal, but I haven't been able to get to the shelter to get the paperwork and registration sticker because the gas is so expensive to get there. So I just got issued a ticket, for not having enough money. If your money runs out of your checking account, you can be charged for not having enough money.
Why is money the basis of our entire society? Why are you a criminal for not having it, or not having enough? If you work "normal" jobs and pay taxes you are ENABLING this system. I wish more people would grow some balls and stand up to this fucked up system.

March 20th, 2015:
Holy fuck this Spring Equinox is rebirth all over the place! Death; Rebirth Tour is fully booked! Headlining a show next weekend as well in Maine!

Shit aint no joke. The Spring equinox is excellent for new beginnings. Apparently with all the momentum we've been cultivating since the release of "Death; Rebirth" on the winter solstice, we are being rocketed into bigger and better places. We played a killer Friday the 13th show in New Bedford. They were projecting Friday the 13th movies onto the wall as well as us while we played, fucking killer stuff!
So much going on, it's hard to keep up with blogs for it, mostly business with the tour going on right now. Check our shows section for all our upcoming gigs. Check and see when we are playing your state!
We aren't playing your area you say? Well fuck, tell us so we can play it next time! Tell your friends because it's always better to play to a crowd!

March 6th, 2015:

Had an awesome time playing Simons 677 in Providence this Friday! Everyone did so good, and the zombie girls we got for this show were actually sober enough to dance, haha. Chelsea and Crystal did awesome dancing, eviscerating a corpse, molesting and breast feeding dead babies and each other etc. Alex and our brand new guitarist James did amazing as well. Was good to be back in Providence chilling with old and new friends :D
There’s a youtube compilation of some live clips of this gig

February 27th, 2015:

Last night we brutalized the airwaves with a 30 minute live set on 91.5 fm and featuring Alex on drums, and his brother james on rhythm guitar. We had a lot of fuckin fun and met some really cool people. Thanks to Hans and everyone at "The Stress Factor" for having us out, and we are looking forward to coming back! Up next, Providence this Friday March 6th at Simons 677. We will be opening so get there early! Catch us with the (yet again) new lineup from 8:30-9!

February 23rd, 2015:
Holy shit these brother musicians are amazing

Today our drummer Alex's brother came by to jam with us on guitar. Motherfucker learned the whole set in a couple hours!! I'm fucking mind blown. He will be playing with us on the radio Thursday 2/26 on WUML 91.5 FM in MA/NH. I'm glad I just trusted the flow of the universe because we fucking sound even tighter than the previous lineup this weekend!

February 21st, 2015:

I took our new guitarist Justin and one of our dancing zombie ladies Ashley to a family party of mine. It felt fucking amazing to talk to all my aunts and cousins and uncles and tell them how amazing everything was and to introduce them to two of the people who were part of it. After the last few years of homelessness and misfortune, it was great to see everyone so excited for me. I can't even begin to express how amazing my family made me feel. You guys are the most fun, supportive, loving fucks a guy could ask for. The words many of you spoke to me had my heart chakra bursting out of my chest and were deeply inspiring to keep doing what I do. This in combination with possibly the best show I ever played in my life, and meeting awesome new friends and fans had me beyond elated this weekend. It's almost like all that was happening to brace me for one of the biggest blows I've been hit with so far. If I've learned anything from these last few weeks, it's to fully submit to the flow of the universe and trust where it takes me. Knock me down as much as you want, I'm still going to bounce the fuck back and come back stronger than before.
After the party Justin, Ashley and I got a hotel room. Ashley is a former girlfriend of mine, and we were sort of dating again and talking about getting back together. Well, she decided to get together with Justin, in the next bed in the hotel room. Homey don't plat that. Both were fired on the spot. Luckily I have replacements for both of them. This band is all about positivity and respect. Only positive good hearted people are welcome. Unfortunately these two did not fit the bill. As horrible as this was, and as much as something like this would devastate me in the past. I just tried to remain neutral about it all.

February 20th, 2015:
Fucking amazing show!!

Holy fuck, THIS is Voices of the Dead. For the first time I feel the line up and the stage show is exactly where I want it to be. The live line up fucking nailed every song, the dancing zombie ladies were sexy as fuck, though waaaaay too intoxicated for my liking haha. We played to a good size crowd who fucking loved it and I can honestly say this is the most fun show I have ever played in my life. Video and pictures will be uploaded soon.
We ended up crashing with a new fan we made that night, a hot little russian metal head chick was kind enough to let us stay with her. Quite the awesome lady. Listened to some metal, drank some beers, smoked some cheeba and watched a little Dead Alive. If everynight went like this night, I'd question if I were in heaven. Check out a video of the stage show:

February 14, 2015:

So the first picture is what me and our guitarist justin saw as we get into the van after band practice the other night. The ice crystals apparently formed a pentagram for us while we were jamming. The second picture is me driving 180 miles, 4 hours of driving in the peak of the valentines day blizzard. The shit I do for band practice! Well worth it. It was #beautiful and #exciting #justlikeIlikemywomen.

February 13th, 2015:
Friday the 13th

It's a bob kind of day. Might surprise you to know this man is one of my biggest inspirations. Technically not metal, but this song is all about how preachers are full of shit, that WE are god and to not give up the night. That's fucking metal. "I'll never give up the fight" The words ring especially true for us right now. The personal lives of me and my guitarist are pretty fucking dire right now, but "We won't give up the fight, so we won't give up the fight" For those interested in specifics. Me and my guitarist have both ended up broke and homeless this week. Thankfully we have a large network of supportive friends and fans and both of us have places to stay until we leave for tour in April. The brutal snow hitting the northeast is making it hard for us to do anything. As soon as the weather is nice we will be touring and making money and conquering the fucking world. We got this. If any bands need recording, I do it dirt cheap for studio quality. I could record a whole CD for around $200 if everyone gets their takes down quick. Samples of the new sound coming soon.

February 8th, 2015:
Always an adventure with this band

As usual with me/the band, lots has been going on. Like I said in the previous blog entry, we've been playing shows with our new lineup and they have been fucking killer. This is by far my favorite version of this band ever. All amazing musicians and if that weren't good enough, they are also the most chill, down to earth people I've jammed with.
At the moment we are rehearsing and working on our stage show in preperation for all the shows we have coming up, including our tour this April!

My personal life has been pretty fucking interesting too. I was living in The Bus of the Dead in the driveway of this other band I was jamming with. That shit was brutal as fuck. Even with the woodstove it was a hard existance. The living in the bus was rough, but what was worse was the overwhelming negativity of the people who's house I was parked at. If you haven't gathered by now that I'm all about the positive, then clearly you aren't looking close enough! Thankfully I left that band, which was just a dayjob for me basically and now I can go back to focusing purely on Voices of the Dead and resume my life of positivity. They kicked me out of their house for trying to find a new place to live and keeping it from them. Sucks pretty hard getting kicked out on your ass in the middle of winter(when I was promised a place to stay for the duration of the winter) for trying to better your situation but hey the universe works in mysterious ways. I had been unhappy with their band and them as people for a long time now and the universe did me a favor I guess because through this I've gotten a lot of support from my true friends.
Me and the bus kitty are warm, and staying with friends and family as I'm booking our April tour and promoting etc.
Always a fuckin adventure with this band, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is an adventure, you gotta milk all the experience out of it possible.

January 9th, 2015:

Lots and lots going on! For one, if you haven't already noticed, we have a full line up! Let's welcome Alex on drums and Justin on guitar! We've played several shows together over the last few weeks and right now we are working on getting the new lineup to speed on ALL the songs from "Death. Rebirth" as well as perfecting our stage show. It's going to be as big and crazy as it was back in the day, and then some! Videos and pictures coming very soon!